Group exhibition curated by Denise Biernaux, Les Drapiers at les Anciens Abattoirs,  Mons, B. 

How to turn a storm on stage into an exhibition installation ?  When Thomas Hauert proposed us to collaborate on ZOO birthday piece How to Proceed in 2018, he meant us to create the conditions of a scenography that would be driven by the dancers themselves, transforming the set in a continuous flow through the whole piece. We brought 2 boxes of ribbon shaped textile waste from a nearby weaving mill, and run 2 days workshop with the team. Totally committed with the material, the dancers asked for more and more of those and made the whole world appear from this material, with both great delicacy and full outbindding.

Earlier in 2021, a residence with ZOO at TIC TAC Centre allowed us to play further with the material and prepare the installation for the exhibition:

 -2 hanged 400x400cm nets covered with waste skeins up to 2/3 of the height

 -7 Magma  balls, diameter 40 to 50 cm 

 -Cardboard boxes stored along the wall  

 -Projection of excerpts of How to Proceed show - editing: Hugo Matagne

How to Proceed, ZOO-Thomas Hauert - 2018, Théâtre de Liège. Photo: Bart Grietens
Textilités, photos: Johan Poezevara
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