Partition, Les Usages du Monde


The exhibition Les usages du monde / Uses of the world invites us to consider social, environmental, architectural or agricultural alternatives that have been chosen across every continent ; enlightening experiences that allow us to think about and inhabit the world differently.

An original production of Lille Metropole 2020, World Design Capital
curated by arc en rêve centre d’architecture avec Mathieu Berteloot (HBAAT)

Partition ( 11,5 x 3,80 m.) is an assemblage of stair rugs selected in the stock of a nearby specialized manufacture. This Wilton weaving technique involves a dense woolen side and a usually non visible side of jute. Sewn together by an artisanal process, the whole surface becomes a mobile double side landscape with acoustic properties. The 90° shift, the softness and access to both sides brings a new dimension to the carpet material.

photo: Flore Fockedey
discussion and projection platform - Wooden tier: Olivier Vadrot, Faire c'est dire. - photo: HBAAT
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